Robert F. Munroe Day School

2019-2020 Fee Schedule**

Tuition:                                             $4400.00 per child (3K)
                                                          $7400.00 per child (grades 4K through 5th)
                                                          4K parents sign up for VPK assistance at
                                                          (VPK is a scholarship for students in Florida who turn four on or before September 1st)
                                                          $7600.00 per child (grades 6th through 12th )

                                                         Based on a 12-month payment plan March-February
                                                      $4400.00 Yearly              $367.00 Monthly
                                                          $7400.00 Yearly                 $617.00 Monthly
                                                          $7600.00 Yearly                 $633.00 Monthly
                                                          With Bus: an additional $75.00 Monthly

Bus Fees:                                         Round trip bus: One child - $900.00
                                                          Two children - $1,200.00                 Three children - $1,400.00
                                                          One-way bus: One child - $750.00
                                                          Two children – $1,100.00                Three children - $1,125.00

Occasional Bus-One way:                                       This is not available for the 2019-2020 school year
Application Fee:                                                       $50 (per child, new students only)
Enrollment Fee:                                                        $200 (per family)
Activity Fee:                                                              $35 (per child)

Tuition discounts - the third and subsequent children of any one family unit attending Robert F. Munroe Day School at the same time shall be given a 50% scholarship on any remaining balance after all other discounts and scholarships have been applied. “A third child and subsequent children” is defined as the third born and subsequent births to a family unit.

New Students:

A new student is a student who has not attended Robert F. Munroe Day School previously. Robert F. Munroe will provide new students, grades 6-12 with an iPad that is school-owned and will be returned to school at the end of the academic year. Parents are fully responsible for the cost to repair or replace any damaged or lost iPad. 

Financial Assistance is available and we encourage you to apply. Robert F. Munroe Day School uses Smart Aid, Step Up for Students and AAA Scholarships. To apply visit,,, and Our school ID# for Smart Aid is 14038.

All billing and tuition payments will be done through Smart Tuition. Parents MUST create a Smart Tuition account. To create an account, you must sign up with Our school ID# is 14038.