At our prestigious private school, the atmosphere is electric with the passion exuded by our dedicated athletic coaches and driven players. These coaches are not just mentors, but also visionaries who ignite a fire of excellence in their teams. With unwavering commitment, they invest countless hours in refining strategies, imparting invaluable skills, and instilling core values that extend beyond the playing field. Their enthusiasm is infectious, inspiring each player to push their limits and reach new heights. Likewise, our players embody a remarkable blend of talent, determination, and teamwork. Fueled by an insatiable love for their respective sports, they train rigorously, their spirits undeterred by challenges. The synergy between these passionate coaches and spirited players creates an environment where aspirations are nurtured, achievements celebrated, and lifelong bonds forged. Together, they illuminate our school with a vibrant tapestry of athletic prowess and an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence.


Head Coach – William Brooks


Girl’s Head Coach – Rod Mack

Boy’s Head Coach – Dimitric Salters


Boys and Head Coach – Joseph Winningham


Head Coach – Terrence Brown


Head Coach – Alivia Holman

Munroe Coaches:

Athletic Director- Tim Early <tim.early@rfmunroe.org>

Football- Michael Gaines <michael.gaines@rfmunroe.org>

Boys Basketball- Dimitric Salters <dimitric.salters@rfmunroe.org>

Girls Basketball- Rod Mack <rod.mack@rfmunroe.org>

Soccer- Joseph Winningham <joseph.winningham@rfmunroe.org>

Baseball- William Brooks <william.brooks@rfmunroe.org>

Softball- Terrence Brown <terrence.brown@rfmunroe.org>

Volleyball- Alivia Holman <alivia.holman@rfmunroe.org>