Munroe offers students a wide range of after-school clubs, sports and activities. Student leadership and community involvement is offered through a variety of community service clubs and activities. We always work with students to help match them with the appropriate club or sport.


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The basic premise of our extracurricular activities is to provide students a non-academic environment in which to excel and develop leadership, communication, social and service skills.


Robert F. Munroe offers optional transportation before and after school. For the current school year.


Students bring their own lunches to school.

School Schedule

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Dress Code

The following dress code must be adhered to during the regular and exam school days and at all required school functions, whether on RFM School property or elsewhere.

Student Support

The counseling services at Robert F. Munroe are based on the realization that students perform better academically when they are given the proper supports (emotional, mental and social) and encouragement.

Character Education

School should encompass more than just gaining academic knowledge. A well-rounded education includes not just teaching traditional classes but also teaching our students to be people of integrity and character.

After School Programs

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