This plan was developed by the entire school community. Meetings were held with the Board of Trustees, the Strategic Planning Committee, parents, faculty, staff, and students. Meetings were held as brainstorming sessions in which individuals were given the chance to provide feedback on a number of topics. Then groups were formed that allowed for more reflection on the ideas presented. Finally, groups were asked to refine their thoughts into definable goals. These goals were consolidated, with themes developed and expanded upon. The final version was then revised and approved by the Strategic Vision Committee and the Board of Trustees. The full plan can be found below:  


The school stands as one of Gadsden County’s most important institutions. Most people have some connection to the school, either directly or indirectly. The future of the area’s growth and development depend on the community having an educational institution that allows families the option of a place for their children to obtain a quality education.

We are committed to expanding our connection to the community by taking full advantage of all our area has to offer. This includes building partnerships with post-secondary educational institutions, partnering with small businesses to create unique learning opportunities, and working closely with large businesses to give our children real-world experiences. Together these partnerships will prepare our students for the future and allow them to envision a future filled with possibilities.   


We are committed to helping each child at our school reach their full potential, in mind and body. We believe that quality instructors, small class sizes, a well-developed curriculum, and research-based instructional techniques will promote a learning environment that fosters student engagement and a love of learning.

Athletics has always been an important part of our school, and we are committed to reviving our athletic program to support a grassroots system that gives youth in our area a place to grow and develop in sports that provide opportunities to play in college. We will provide athletic teams, lead by quality coaches, that compete for and win championships.  


The world is changing rapidly, and we are committed to preparing our students to be the leaders and innovators of the future. Through innovative academic courses and programs, our students will get a head start in fields related to medical, technology, programming, and innovation. Within our programs we will offer leadership opportunities, encouraging students to develop future-ready skills through student-driven projects that allow them to solve real-world problems.