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3rd Grade Teacher (full-time)

Upper School Science Teacher (part-time/adjunct)

Theatre Teacher

Art Teacher (part-time/adjunct)

  • Prepare necessary lesson plans for all given grade levels daily that promote the development of artistic skills tied to national art standards in a variety of media. 
  • Assure an art program that supports a love of exploration, skill development, and art appreciation. 
  • Tie lessons to the academic courses multiple times of year to assure cross-curricular learning. 
  • Tie art lessons to future occupations both in and out of the art field.
  • Inventory and re-stock art materials
  • Demonstrate the techniques of contour and gesture drawing, painting, design, sculpture, art history, criticism, and aesthetics
  • Select, mount, mat, and present artwork for the juried competitions of the Gadsden Arts Center in Quincy and the RFM student summer art show at the Gadsden Art Center
  • Meet all deadlines and transport artworks for the shows
  • Display current artwork in the main school hallway when possible
  • Keep the art room well-organized and neat
  • Keep all art equipment clean daily
  • Use the iPad and Smartboard for classroom activities
  • Create May Day children’s music theater sets, props, and costumes as needed
  • Create Christmas play sets and props as needed