2024-2025 DRESS CODE


The following dress code must be adhered to during the regular and exam school days and at all required school functions, whether on Munroe School property or elsewhere. The dress code for special classes will be specified by those departments. The rules and regulations covered in the handbook are subject to revision or addition at any time. If you are unsure about an article of clothing, bring it to the school or email a picture to be approved by the administration before wearing.

Political, racist, harmful, threatening, or harassing statements or symbols, either explicit or implied, through any media either worn or displayed to others, is strictly forbidden, including during school and during off-hours activities that might not require normal dress code, such as trips, online meetings, attendance at an athletic event, or during practice.

All Face coverings must be school-appropriate and may not have any markings, symbols, or writing that is offensive, inappropriate, or political in nature.

Dress Code Philosophy

Clothing represents an important personal expression of one’s self. Race, gender, heritage, age, and wealth can all influence how one dresses. Our students are each different; differences that we celebrate as a school. It is our hope that a Munroe Education encourages students to grow and define a feeling of self as stated and supported by our school’s mission and philosophy. Enforcement of a dress code often causes friction between students and many adults in their lives, including parents and faculty. It is the goal of the administration and staff to encourage the celebration of self, while avoiding the potential conflicts that can result from extremes in fashion or the meaning behind certain fashions that are counter to our mission.

How a person dresses tells a story about who they are and influences how others may treat them. We would encourage all students covered by the dress code to dress as they would imagine dressing for their future occupation. Success is the result of hard work and goal setting. Dressing for the role students hope to possess in the future helps to build good habits and allows a student to see themselves as they want others to see them.



All tops, with the exception of overcoats, must contain the official school logo. Embroidered logos
are available through our online sources and M&M Monogramming. Heat-press transfers are also
available through M&M Monogramming (https://www.mmmonogramming.com/).

Uniform pieces available online should be purchased through our approved sources:

● All Uniform Wear (https://www.alluniformwear.com/school) *RFM-specific page coming soon!
(Physical store location: 1989 Capital Cir NE #4, Tallahassee, FL 32308)
● Land’s End School Uniforms – (https://www.landsend.com/)
● French Toast Official School Wear – (https://www.frenchtoast.com/)
● Young Fashions for traditional “Munroe” plaid.

Along with the approved online sources above, there are several local vendors including JCPenney, Wal-Mart, Old Navy, and Children’s Place, that have uniforms that will duplicate the styles chosen by Munroe from the online companies.

Pants, Shorts, Skorts or skirts: Khaki, Black, Gray or Munroe Plaid Must be knee-length or longer Oxford-style
Button-Down: White, Red, Black, or Gray (Short or Long Sleeve)
Collared Polo: White, Red, Black, or Gray (Short or Long Sleeve)
Unisex Polo: White, Red, Black, or Gray (Short or Long Sleeve)
Crewneck Tee with the Munroe Logo (worn during US PE/Athletic classes only): White, Red, Black, or Gray (Short or Long Sleeve).
Belt: Black, Brown, or Khaki
Crewneck Sweater or Cardigan: White, Red, Black, or Gray with the Munroe Logo.
Socks: Solid White or Solid Black
Shoes: Closed Toe – (Tennis Shoes are strongly encouraged) – Sandals, Flip Flops, Crocs, Heelies, or backless shoes are not permitted.
Accessories: Hats may not be worn in the school buildings during the regular school day.
Hair: Hair must be cut or styled so that it does not cover a child’s eyes. Hair (including hair extensions, braids, wigs, weaves or other hair adornments) may not be dyed a color beyond the realm of hair color that occurs naturally in human beings.
Fleece Pullovers, Jackets or Coats: Must be neat, well maintained (no rips, tears, or stains) –
White, Red, Black, or Gray (with or without Munroe logo.

No hooded sweatshirts of any color, kind, style or logo (including Munroe-branded hoodies)

2023-2024 Approved Dress Code Upper School.pdf