Student Support

Student Counseling Services

The counseling services at Robert F. Munroe are based on the realization that students perform better academically when they are given the proper supports (emotional, mental and social) and encouragement. As such, the counseling services at Munroe seek to work with the students in an age-appropriate manner consistent with our Mission Statement Students have access to the School Counselor at all times during the school day and by appointment for after school meetings.

The School Counselor works with students, parents, faculty and staff to ensure that everyone is working in conjunction with each other to achieve success for the students while at Munroe and after graduation. The School Counselor is also able to provide information and knowledge to parents and staff regarding emotional and mental health concerns students face and is responsible for making sure those concerns are addressed. This Counselor is a resource for Parents, Students, Faculty and Staff to utilize and ensure that students are receiving the support and encouragement needed to be successful in all aspects of campus life.


Peer Mentoring Program

Robert F. Munroe will be rolling out a Peer Mentoring Program in the 2018-2019 school year. The Peer Mentoring Program will be comprised of students from grades 6th-12th who are able to act as mentors to fellow students. To be part of the Peer Mentoring Program students will need to exemplify the Munroe Code of Conduct and be a student that will be able to be counted on to consistently set a great example in behavior and attitude. Additionally, students who wish to be part of the Peer Mentoring Program will need to display success in the classroom as a student and be an active participant in school life (clubs, sports, etc). The Peer Mentoring Program will be overseen by and sponsored by the school counselor and will meet regularly with the mentors to ensure that they are fully capable to act as efficient mentors given that the mentors will act as a primary point of contact for new students who may have questions regarding policy, grades and teacher expectations, and living in accordance with the Munroe Code of Conduct. The Peer Mentoring Program will function in accordance with the school’s mission statement of producing complete, well rounded students that are able to become fully contributing members of their community.


Honor Board

The Honor Board was inducted in February of 2018 and is a panel of students that act as advocates for their peers in cases of disciplinary issues. The Honor Board is convened to hear cases involving breaches of the Honor Code or Code of Conduct. It is able to provide peer accountability and insight and has been able to act as a liaison and advocate for the student body. The Purpose of the Honor Board is to provide students with an active voice to drive a culture of Honor and Integrity in the Student Body. The Honor Board will be comprised of students nominated by their peers (approved by faculty) and will:


  • Focus on educating students on the Honor Code
  • Function as an advocate and voice for students charged with violating the Honor Code
  • Actively Educate the students on the Honor Code
  • Make recommendations for corrective action for those found to have violated the Honor Code