Excellence from Start to Finish

Learning that Pays

  • 100% high school graduation rate
  • 99% accepted into college of choice upon graduation
  • 60%-80% of former students received Florida Bright Futures Scholarships 
  • Over $370,000 awarded in college athletic scholarships over the last four years
  • 11 of the last 16 Gadsden County Top High School Scholar Awards from Bright Futures
  • 526,361 average college scholarship awards for those receiving scholarships in 2014 

A Rich Curriculum

  • Advanced Placement (A.P.) and Honors courses
  • 36 Credit Hours Offered in Dual Enrollment - All Required College Core College Credits
  • Diverse availability of electives including: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Fashion and Design, Medical, Law Studies, Culinary, Business, and Agriculture
  • Cutting edge technology in every classroom 
  • ACT Aspire Testing and Curriculum Integration
  • Study Skills and Learning Support Program
  • Developing 21st century learners with 1:1 hand-held technology 
  • Focus on foreign languages
  • In-house tutoring program 
  • Use of varied teaching styles to accommodate all learning styles 
  • Computer Class
  • Spanish Instruction
  • Starting in 3rd Grade: Entrepreneurship, Steam, and full Science and Social Studies daily
  • Regular AND Honors classes starting in 4th Grade

Wealth of Opportunity

  • Varsity and J.V. sports, golf, football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross country, tennis, softball, baseball, and cheerleading 
  • Varsity Athletics Conditioning and Strength Program
  • After school programs in arts, technology, academics, science, and a variety of sports
  • State and local academic competition opportunities 
  • Clubs and service organizations 
  • Travel study opportunities

Nurturing Atmosphere

  • 9:1 student/teacher ration 
  • K-12 family atmosphere
  • Safe and secure campus 
  • Local transportation 
  • Strong parental involvement 
  • Instilling honor and respect for self and others 
  • Excellent community support
  • Proud to have educated three generations of many local families
  • Developing stewardship for resources and environment in school, community and the world


The Robert F. Munroe Preschool/Kindergarten provides a foundation to develop and nurture a child's physical, social-emotional, cognitive and positive character traits focusing on responsibility, respect for themselves and others, as well as courteous and empathetic behavior. 


Lower School

Robert F. Munroe offers a scoped and sequenced educational program emanating from faculty collaboration and integrating Florida’s state standards. This program, specified in curriculum guides for every nine weeks for each course, goes through review and revision at the end of each year. 


Middle and Upper School

Robert F. Munroe’s middle school (grades 6-8) is academically challenging and fosters an environment that encourages responsibility, independence, respect, as well as collaborative learning. Creativity and critical thinking are evidenced in academic offerings in Language Arts, Reading, Science, Mathematics, Foreign Language, Fine Arts and Personal Fitness. 



Fine Arts

The Fine Arts program at Munroe enables students to discover and develop their artistic talents. If you take a walk through our hallways you will see new artwork being displayed throughout the year.



Like paper and pen, technology is a tool that supports the learning process. When it comes to instruction, our teachers integrate technology into their instruction to enhance understanding, engagement, and develop future ready skills that our students will need for college and beyond.



Click here for access to the Chalkable Classroom portal.


Summer Camp and Summer School

Students can attend our general camp that provides a variety of activities, or participate in our weekly specialty camps. There is no extra charge for the specialty camps.


2019-2020 Academic Calendar

This plan was developed by the entire school community. Meetings were held with the Board of Trustees, the Strategic Planning Committee, parents, faculty, staff, and students. Meetings were held as brainstorming sessions in which individuals were given the chance to provide feedback on a number of topics.


Field Trips & Off Campus Experiences

The following courses are often held off campus, taking advantage of our elective schedule on Tuesday's and Thursday's that gives the instructor two hours to plan hands on experiences.