Tuition and Financial Aid

We strive to make an education at Robert F. Munroe affordable. We accept the Step Up for Students, the McKay Scholarship, the AAA Scholarship and an in-house scholarship through Smart Aid. If you would like more information about our financial aid options please contact Alice Sanderson at 850-856-5500. 
2018-2019 Fees
 $4,200.00 per child (3K)
 $7,200.00 per child (grades 4K through 5)
 VPK assistance available at
 $7,400.00 per child (grades 6-12)
Bus Fees:
Round Trip Bus:
One child - $850.00 Two children - $1,175.00 Three children - $1,400.00
One Way Bus:
One child - $700.00 Two children - $950.00 Three children - $1,125.00
Other Fees:
$50.00 Application/Testing Fee (per child, non-refundable)
$200.00 Enrollment Fee (per family, non-refundable)
Family Scholarships - the third and subsequent children of any one family unit attending Robert F. Munroe Day School
at the same time are eligible to apply for a 50% scholarship in tuition. "A third child and subsequent children" is defined as the third born and subsequent births to the family unit. This is applied after all other scholarships and financial aid has been applied. 
 Based on a 12-month payment plan March-February:
 $4,200.00 Yearly $350.00 Monthly
 $7,200.00 Yearly $600.00 Monthly
 $7,400.00 Yearly $616.66 Monthly

These links below will guide you to the appropriate websites to apply for our different scholarships:
VPK Scholarship (4 year old children only)
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