We Are Munroe

A look into our school through the thoughts of our Bobcats.

Math has always been a difficult subject for many, but this year, students have excelled enormously well with the help of new teachers and new methods of learning like KHAN Academy and online math textbooks. 

One of our 8th grade Honors Algebra student said 
“I enjoy the use of technology while learning Algebra”.

One of our Upper school teachers said “I feel that the most important part of Munroe is the student body. I think it’s easy to lose sight of that. If we aren’t connecting with each other and helping each other in our ups and downs, then what are we even doing here?”.

“The science classes at Munroe are special because with teachers and students like ours there’s never a dull moment! The teachers help you learn interesting things that prepare you for a bright future This year we went on many field trips where we were able to see in person all the things we learned about in the classroom! “

Academics are the heart of every school (besides the students of course). “Our school gives us opportunity to participate in academic electives like Agriculture, AP Psychology, Medical, Plant and Animal Science, Spanish and more! They’re both fun and educating and they help inspire us to find the subjects we enjoy and are good at.”

Art, Music, Theater, Photography… All these electives allow students to let their creativity flowing through Munroe’s halls. Whether is be the sounds of ukuleles in the courtyard, drawings in the hallway or the echoes of lines being rehearsed for an upcoming play, these options not only educate but give students the opportunity to find their own creative style. 
“AP Studio art is a really fun class! Not only do we work hard but it’s very interesting. We supply the art cases in the main building with many nice pieces of work including drawings, paintings and mixed media. Overall it’s engaging, fun and teaches us many things about real outstanding art.”

“At Munroe, sports unites us like a family. We grind together, we pray together, fuss together and most importantly love each other genuinely. Our sports program is like the glue that holds everyone together.  At Munroe, every student has the opportunity to play any sport that they desire due to our small size and big selection of sports. Fight to the finish and never give up!”

We have many sports available including: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Cheer leading, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Golf & Cross Country.