Campus Update - Hurricane Michael

October 11th, 2018

Campus update - based on external observations only.
1. The kindergarten faired very well. Some fences down but the main building seems to be ok.
2. Gym - some significant window and exterior damage. Structurally the gym is ok. Minor repairs should get it back up and running.
3. Student center and music room - minor damage only
4. Oak trees - all still standing strong.
5. Main building - significant roof damage with numerous leaks. Should be able to tarp and be back into the building.
6. Red school house - structural damage. May or may not be able to use. More investigation needed.
7. Library- no visible damage
8. Lower school - significant damage, a number of rooms will not be usable for some time. 
9. Art building - no visible damage.
10. Lower school play ground - significant damage, likely unusable. 
11. Softball dugout- destroyed
12. Baseball field - repairable damage. 
13. Weight room and baseball batting cage - repairable damage
14. School vehicles- minor damage only.