Hurricane Michael Update

October 11th, 2018

Dear Parents,

I hope that all of our families are safe and have what they need to get through the next few difficult days. We have heard from most of our faculty, and they are all reporting that they are safe and eager to know if the school made it through the storm without major damage.

We've had our first look at the campus. There is extensive damage around the campus, with every building showing some level of damage, but all the buildings are still standing. The main building has been inspected and appears to free from any major damage that would prevent us from holding classes. Some of the outlying buildings have roof and fallen tree damage, but all in all the school is still standing.

Work crews are currently clearing hwy 90, which should improve access to the school. We do not anticipate getting power back at the school for some time. We will wait until we know the status of the roads on Sunday to announce a start back date. While we may begin back to school relatively soon, we are going to have faculty, staff, and families who will not be ready to get back to school for some time.

We will likely need to make temporary adjustments to class schedules as we deal with rooms we can no longer use and as we give faculty time to deal with their own property damage.

We will have a more complete update once we are able to make a more complete assessment of the school this weekend.

The football game has been rescheduled to Monday. The time has not been finalized.

We hope that all of our families have made it through this major event safely.

Dr. Adam Gaffey