Dean of Students Announcement

July 09th, 2018

It is with deep sadness but warm wishes that we announce that Rodell Thomas will be stepping down as Dean of Students and Football Coach at Robert F. Munroe. Coach Thomas’s career in education has spanned thirty-three years with many successes on and off the field.

Coach Thomas taught math and physical education in Gadsden County public schools for twenty years followed by ten years in Monticello before retiring. Retirement didn’t last long for Thomas who came to Munroe three years ago. He was attracted to the school’s smaller size and that fellow faculty and staff were more like family than simply colleagues.

During his tenure at Munroe he played a pivotal role in rebuilding our football program and establishing a girl’s flag football team. He stepped in as head coach after a win less football season to rally the team to one win in his first year coaching the Bobcats. In his second year as the football coach he helped the team win four games before suffering a stroke.

As the Dean of Students, he brought a no-nonsense yet caring attitude in working with students. While he may appear intimidating at first glance, it becomes clear very quickly that he is indeed a self-described “softy and teddy bear.”  This careful balance of a “no-nonsense teddy bear” has endeared him to many resulting in being well respected by students.

His departure is our loss but a well-deserved respite for him where he can focus on what he loves most as well as his health. When asked what guidance he would give parents today he simply says, “a little tough love and healthy boundaries” can go a long way in developing kids into successful citizens. 

We have begun the search to find a new football coach for next year. We know you all join us in wishing Coach Thomas well as he starts a new chapter.