College Credit Offered

Through a partnership with TCC, Munroe offers 36 credit hours for qualifying students specifically designed so that students can complete their General Education requirements for any Florida Public University. Passing these courses greatly increases the ability of students gaining admission to Florida's most selective universities, including Florida State University and the University of Florida. 
We also offer AP courses outside the General Education requirements. Students have access to over 60 credit hours of college credit beginning in 9th grade. 
AP Course College Course Suggested Grade Credit Hours
ENC1101 11th 3
MAC1105 11th 3
AP Environmental
9th or 10th 3
SLS 1510 11th or 12th 3
ENC1102 11th 3
MAC1114 11th 3
AP Biology BSC1005 (online) 9th or 10th 3
THE2000 11th or 12th 3
ENL2000 12th 3
AP Chemistry CHM1020 11th or 12th 3
AP Economics ECO2023 & ECO2013 (online) 12th 6
AP Government POS1041 (online) 12th 3
Total College Hours 39
Please note: Munroe offers additional AP courses outside the general education requirement noted above:
AP Art (Three Courses Available)
AP Computer Science Principles 
AP Physics*
AP Human Geography*
AP American History*
AP Psychology
AP Calculus *
*Counts towards General Education

Entrepreneurship Certificate

Munroe is part of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Students in 3rd grade get the opportunity to create an original business concept through their STEAM class. Our students build skills in problem-solving, teamwork, advanced technologies, and techniques for starting and running a successful business.

Beginning in 6th grade students are able to take advanced courses in technology and entrepreneurship. At the end of the multi-year program they earn an industry-recognized credential to certify the entrepreneurial mindset and startup skills developed in the program.

Students in the program will get the chance to compete for funding from NFTE to allow them to fund their small business while still in High School, including participation in regional and national level competitions.

The program guides students through a set sequence of courses that leads to a certification that is included on their college transcripts, especially highlighted to colleges, and will receive recognition at graduation. Participants in the program will also get the chance to see the entrepreneurship programs at TCC and FSU.

Required Course:
Own Your Future - Grades 3 - 12

Startup Tech - Grades 5 - 12

Exploring Careers - Grades 7 - 10

Entrepreneurship - Grades 10 - 12

Optional Course:
Public Speaking
Culinary and Small Business
Law Studies

Performing and Visual Arts

We have a dynamic and enriching arts program at the school. Students can begin take specific electives in 6th grade, as they explore a variety of interests that connect to a variety of future careers.
Pre-School and Lower School (K3 - 5 Grade)
Visual Arts
Instrumental and Choral Instructions
Upper School - Performing Arts (6 - 12 Grade)
Theater Arts - Students conclude the course with a performance, often of an original play they wrote and directed. 
Stage Make-up - Students learn the techniques for designing and applying an array of visual designs, including visual effects makeup.
Fashion and Costume Design - Students learn sewing and fashion design techniques as they design their own costumes. 
Percussion - Students learn a variety of instruments and perform at a number of events, including athletic competitions. 
Introduction to Music - Students learn about a variety of different music forms, including instrumental and vocal. 
String Ensemble - This performance group includes learning about playing string instruments and singing in a group. 
Advanced Ensemble - Students explore their specific musical interests in a performance group. 
Dance - Students learn and perform in a variety of dance performances, both traditional and modern.
Upper School -Visual Arts
2D Art - Students learn to use a variety of flat medium techniques, including drawing and painting. 
3D Art - Students explore 3D art as they create sculptures and designs. 
Ceramics - Students gain the skills to design their own works of art through clay. 
Graphic Design - Students learn the skills needed to apply art to future occupations as they learn skills in designing and publishing. 
Journalism - Students design the school yearbook, developing artistic publishing skills.
AP Art - College level art courses that allow students to specialize in a number of fields.

Agricultural Education Program

Munroe offers a series of courses designed to provide students with an interest in Agriculture, Biology, or Environmental studies the chance to get real world experience and in depth education, including college credit. 
We follow the FFA program outline.
Classroom/Laboratory instruction (contextual learning)
Students are offered a variety of courses designed to give students the contextual learning necessary to explore a number of topics related to life sciences:
Biology, AP Environmental, and Agriculture 

Supervised Agricultural Experience programs (work-based learning)
We off two courses that run frequent off site and on site learning opportunities. 
Animal Science and Plant Science

Student leadership organizations
In 2018-2019 Munroe is beginning their own FFA club, meeting once a week to explore a variety of topics and provide leadership opportunities. 


In the 2018-2019 school year, the school launched a completely redesigned curriculum. The new curriculum is aligned beginning in preschool and builds seamlessly all the way to 12th grade. Across grades, students will find topics and skills reenforced from one subject to the next. The curriculum aligns with College Board and begins with the end in mind, specifically designed to prepare students for AP and Dual Enrollment courses in high school, while assuring that students are well prepared to excel on the SAT and ACT College Placement Exams. 
Curriculum Objectives
1. Assure that our students are taught at an accelerated level.
2. Assure that learning flows seamlessly from grade to grade.
3. Provide an engaging and real world curriculum that inspires a love of learning and a connection to a child's future.
4. Assure that our students achieve superior scores on the ACT and SAT.
5. Assure that our students are prepared for and excel in college level courses.
6. Assure that the curriculum is properly used, adhered to, and updated constantly.
Important Features 
1. Benchmarks - All courses are aligned to national standards to assure that students are learning all the skills and topics necessary to meet our objectives. This includes aligning with the ACT Aspire Benchmarks and College Board SpringBoard. 
2. Topics of Student - These are the specific topics students will be learning about. 
3. Unit Goals - These are the specific skills the students will gain at the end of a unit. 
4. Essential Questions - What questions will the students be able to answer in a comprehensively at the end of the unit.
5. Additional Resources - What special tools will the teacher utilize to enhance the lesson. 
6. Major Instructional Strategies - Each unit is required to use a variety of strategies to develop the skills and knowledge in students. 
7. Major Assessments - In what ways is the teacher going to assess the students to confirm that they are learning the skills and content. 
8. Cross Curricular - How do different classes connect to each other and reenforce what is being learned. 
9. Connections - What unique trips, speakers, and experiences are provided to enhance the class and support the objectives. 
We encourage all parents to explore our curriculum. Note that our curriculum is always being improved and tweaked. 

Curriculum Trak

You can view our entire curriculum here.
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