Clubs and Groups

The basic premise of our extracurricular activities is to provide students a non-academic environment in which to excel and develop leadership, communication, social and service skills. 
Organization Sponsor  Purpose 
Anchor Club Katy Jo Helm Civic Service 
Key Club  Jean Louissaint  
Beta Club (Sr.)
Beta Club (Jr.)
Marcelle Rhodes
Sylvia McClure
Honor Society
Honor Society
Yearbook Ande Andrews  Journalism  
Brain Brawl (Jr.)  Beth Cox  Competition 
Brain Brawl (Sr.)  Beth Cox  Competition 
Student Council   Tori Hollingsworth  Elected Service Organization 
Paw Print  Kathy Ashman  School Newspaper 
FCA   Lisa Wilder and Marcelle Rhodes  Religious Organization 
All activities are under general supervision of the headmaster's office and the direct supervision of the sponsor or coach. 
There are a wide range of offerings for all students in areas of academic clubs, service organizations, and athletics. 
There are six school clubs and two organizations available for students to join. There are two academic clubs, three service clubs, and one spiritual club. The academic clubs are divided between high school and middle school. They are open to all students and do not require a tryout. 
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