2017-2018 Parents For Munroe Board Members

President -Melissa May 
Vice President - Katie Munroe
Secretary Marcelle Rhodes
Treasurer - Katie Stephens  
Contact us at: pfm@rfmunroe.org
Parents for Munroe (PFM) was formed to assist Robert F. Munroe's Corporate and Operating Boards with supplemental funding and support from the faculty and staff at Robert F. Munroe Day School. 100% of the funds raised by PFM are put directly back into the school and help to keep tuition as low as possible while maintaining an excellent learning environment for our children. 
All parents of children attending Robert F. Munroe are members of PFM. We hope that all parents will take active roles in the PFM organization to allow continued support of the faculty and staff who provide the superior education of our children that has been a constant throughout RFM's history. 
Thanks to everyone who participates in our annual fundraisers! Your support helps us raise finds to buy classroom supplies, new curricula, and make improvements to the grounds and classrooms. Each year, PFM purchases student workbooks, provides allocations for each teacher to be used for classroom needs and typically makes one large purchase based on the school's needs.

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