School Vision Statement

Robert F. Munroe offers a challenging, well-rounded curriculum taught by enthusiastic and qualified personnel in an atmosphere of mutual respect that fosters supportive parent/teacher/student communication and encourages academic and personal growth for all students. 

Philosophy and Obejctives

The board, faculty and staff of ROBERT F. MUNROE believe that the function of the school is to develop in the student an understanding of his or her personal worth and the worth of all individuals, to promote the command of fundamental processes, to develop an awareness of the privileges and responsibilities of a citizen in a democratic society, to develop an ethical character through spiritual and moral principles, to develop wholesome habits of health and wise use of leisure time, to encourage responsible home membership, and to encourage worthy use of self-discipline which fosters pride in self, family, school, and country. 
  1. To provide the forum for a challenging educational experience in both the teaching and learning of the basic skills of reading, writing, arithmetic, and sciences. 
  2. To provide opportunities for students to improve skills in listening, reading, speaking, and writing. 
  3. To teach so that students will understand, appreciate, protect, and preserve their environment, understand scientific progress in the world, and learn to think clearly and logically. 
  4. To develop appreciation of a democratic society through knowledge of the principals and responsibilities of our system of government. 
  5. To promote educational maturity of our students through understanding, guidance, and encouragement. 
  6. To provide learning experiences that will enable students who will continue their formal education to succeed in colleges, technical schools, and other vocational schools, and which will enable students whose education will terminate in high school to successfully pursue their lives' goals.
  7. To guide students in choosing vocations, careers, and establishing life goals. 
  8. To help students assume responsibility and appreciate the dignity of work. 
  9. To provide training for good health habits in all courses, but especially in physical education, biological science, and enrichment. 
  10. To provide and develop opportunities for cultural growth and appreciation through art, music, literature, humanities, and extracurricular activities. 
With the assistance and support of parents, we hereby dedicate our total energies and continuing efforts to implement these objectives, with the determination to provide a positive program of QUALITY EDUCATION. 
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